Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Fun!

Time flies when having fun and we have been doing just that this summer.  Here is a little recap of the last 2 months and what we have been up to!
Garrett, being awesome and smiley!
 May ended with cool weather and Trigg sporting a hoodie and pants at the park...but even in cool weather, dinosaurs need to be ridden!
 We are continuing to work on house projects, and Trigg usually has his tool belt with in reach!
 This summer also is our summer to learn how to ride a bike!
 Trigg is getting it figured out pretty quickly...
 ...and having fun on 2 wheels (technically 4 with the training wheels)
 We have made several trips to Van Dee's, the local ice cream shop
 ...Trigg loves a good twist cone!
 June was also one of the wettest's June's in Iowa's we got some good use out of our rain boots!
 We also found out our driveway makes a great runway for the swivel scooter!
 Racing down the drive!
 Trigg has found his love for climbing trees...although he needs a ladder to get started!
 The two dudes being dudes!
 We set up a truck wash in the front yard...
 Once the truck is clean...we did some tailgating!
 Having fun at the dinner table!
 The dudes!
 One Saturday, after a morning of playing hard, I went in to wake up Trigg from his nap...he didn't want to wake chipmunk decided to climb up on Trigg's head....
 Chipmunk didn't do the the whole gang jumped on...needless to say, I let him sleep a little longer!
 Mr. Mike up the street brought out his trampoline, it's one of Trigg's favorite spots to stop!
 Garrett and I watching Trigg and Mom jump on the trampoline!
 We had fun celebrating Johnston Green Days, they brought out big John Deere tractors to the library lawn!
 Trigg loved them!
 More rain...and more splashing!
 and splashing!
 Watching the parade!
 and catching candy during Johnston Green Days!
 Mom and her two dudes...enjoying an evening out on the deck.
 Like father, like son, Trigg does a great job helping me mow the lawn!
...and there you go!  That been our summer so far, lots of fun and adventures...and we are only about halfway through...
Adventure is out there...let's go find it!

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