Sunday, July 20, 2014

Still growing - Garrett 4 & 5 months!

It's been a busy summer and filled with lots of fun, and as the saying goes "time flies when you're having fun!"  Well, that holds true in the Comfort household as well, Garrett hit both the 4 and 5 month mark since I've updated the blog, so I am doing a little catch up!
We hit the big 4 month mark at the end of May.
All smiles for this dude!
Garrett is quickly stretching out, getting longer and stronger every day!  He is filled with laughs and giggles that are very contagious!
More smiles...this time with a 5 month tie...
"What's that Mom? I'm 5 months old now?!?"
We keep working on our "tummy time", still don't love it, but Garrett is getting stronger!
and loves his jump-a-roo!
Sporting our summer baseball cap!
...and of course a smile!

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