Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vic's Popcorn

Heather's coworkers recently introduced her to a tasty treat known as Vic's popcorn. It can be found at your local Fareway or Target. It is pre-popped popcorn that comes in the small brown bag. There are all sorts of different flavors and I will agree is it very tasty popcorn. When our friend Adam was here for the Copper Creek Triathlon, we offered him some Vic's popcorn and explained to him what it was, thinking he probably doesn't have Vic's in Omaha.
Not only does Adam know about Vic's, but come to find out, Vic's Popcorn actually started in Omaha. They even have Vic's Popcorn stores where you can buy popcorn by the pound! So when Adam came for the Hy-Vee Triathlon, he brought a huge bag of popcorn for us.
It's like 3 feet of popcorn and it is very tasty.

Thanks again for the popcorn Adam, we will probably still have some when you come for the next triathlon in August.

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