Friday, November 20, 2009

2009 Nygaard Pentathlon

Thursday, November 19th was the 15th anniversary of the Nygaard Pentathlon. 15 athletes gathered at high noon at Valley Track to test our speed, strength and endurance. The Pentathlon consists of 5 events: 400 meter dash, standing long jump, shot put, bench press and 1500 meter run. This year was full of excitement with new records being set by some and others pushing themselves to puke!

For those of you who don't like pictures, here are the official results. New record set in the long jump, 1500 meter dash and overall points scored!

Here come the competitors heading down to the track.
Getting warmed up before the events start!

Heat 1 of 3 of the 400 meter dash getting lined up in their lanes.
Coming down the home stretch, Scott Patterson wins the heat in 61 seconds, followed by TC at 62 seconds, Scott Carson in 63 seconds,Ryan in 64 seconds and Doug Figan in 78 seconds.
I came prepared for the competition in my best "Prefontaine" gear...complete with the handlebar moustache.
...and the start of heat 2 of the 400m.
I won heat 2, finishing in 60 seconds, followed closely by Anthony in 62 seconds.
...check it out, I am running so fast I'm blurry!
The final fast heat, heat 3. Riggs and Martin focus on the task at hand.
...and they are off. From left to right, Martin, Matt Harbert, Brian Chenoweth and Eric Weiford
...and Martin brings home the victory in 54 seconds!
Followed by Harbert and Cheno in 58 seconds.
After the leg burning 400 meter dash, we split up and half of the group went and threw the shot put while the other half tested their skills in the standing long jump. For both of these events, we are giving three tries, the best on counts.

Riggs tosses the shot put with all his might throwing it 313 inches.
Patterson gives it a toss, throwing it 364 inches!
Tony tosses the shot put 333 inches.
Joe, trying to be stealthy with his hood up, tosses the shot 266 inches.
Doug hucks it 368 inches.
Weiford makes us all look silly when he tossed it 490 inches!
Over at the standing long jump Kale leaps 93.5 inches.
Scott flies with his arms out and lands 99 inches from where he started.
Cheno jumps for 79 inches.
Martin stretches out and lands 84.5 inches
Riggs jumps up and lands at 90 inches.
Tony jumps with all his might...
...and sticks his landing for 92 inches.
Despite the goofy form, Weiford again shows us all how it is done by jumping 116 inches
Hi-Tec Riggs enters in all the scores to give us play by play standings!
TC jumps with all his might and lands at 87 inches.
Patterson, focused on his landing, gets 87 inches to tie TC.
Joe, with wings extended, flies to 88 inches.
Over at the shot put ring, Loftus throws with proper form and grunting to get 344 inches.
Brad throws with all his might.
Scott, giving Weiford some competition, throws 480 inches.
After the completion of the shot put and the standing long jump, we all headed over to Aspen Athletic Club for the bench press. We get 60 seconds to get as many reps as possible at 115 lbs. Big thanks to Aspen for letting us use their bench!

Ryan starts the competition off, setting the bar high with 22 reps!
Cheno puts up 12 reps.
Tony shows us his guns with 25 reps.
Patterson puts up 29 reps.
Riggs gives it his all for 12 reps.
Although I didn't get a picture of it, Weiford made us all look like little boys when he did 64 reps in 60 seconds. After the bench press, it was back to the track for the final event...1500 meter run! We ran it in 2 heats, Ryan (Coach) leads Weiford coming down the home stretch.
...followed closely by Kale and Brad.
And Coach wins heat 1 with a final time of 5 mins flat.
Getting ready for heat 2, Harbert taunts TC, reminding TC that he has beaten him in the last 3 pentathlons. In order for Harbert to beat TC this year, Harbert has to finish within 10 seconds of TC.
At the start, Riggs decides to go jerseyless, he doesn't want the extra drag.
...and the competitors get lined up.
...and we are off. Around the first turn it is Martin in the lead, followed by Cheno, Riggs, Myself, TC, Harbert, Patterson, Tony and Joe.
Martin sets a blazing pace coming through the first 300 meters.
...followed by Cheno in his v-necked t-shirt and Riggs
...and then me
...and then TC and Harbert
...and then Patterson
...and Tony and Joe.
The next lap, Patterson realises that Harbert is fading, gets out his fishing pole and starts to reel him in!

Cheno takes the win in a new record time of 4 mins and 8 seconds!
Martin comes in next with a time of 4.16
...and then Riggs with a time of 4.21
...and then me with a time of 4.37 and TC finishing in 4.40
...Patterson is next in 4.50 followed by Tony in 4.59. It is a battle in the back as Joe is catching up to Harbert.
...and in a photo finish, Harbert edges out Joe, both finishing in 5.05!
New to the pentathlon this year, we ran an exhibition 4x100. Tony explains to Ryan what a baton is and that you have to hand it off as you go around the track.
They practiced their "blind" exchange before the race started.
We all ran in the exhibition 4x100, so unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the event on camera. All three teams finished, so it was a success.

The event was a huge success, we had great weather and we all had a lot of fun! What better way to spend a Thursday afternoon than trying to run your friends into the ground! Thanks SCRC for another successful Nygaard Pentathlon!

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