Sunday, November 22, 2009


Friday, with Rob and the girls in town for the Iowa game and an early Thanksgiving, Heather and I headed up to Ankeny to have some fun baking and decorating cookies! Karys and Gracie were very excited to decorate their cookies.
Gracie starts off with some green gel frosting.
Rob shows Karys how to use the frosting can to get the blue frosting on the cookie.
Brent is less excited about decorating the cookie and more interested in taste testing one of the sweet treats.
Heather is in the frosting zone with one of the cookies.
...and the finished product, a smiley face with earmuffs, very season appropriate!
Rob adds a little blue to one of the cookies.
Gracie and Heather show off their handy work.
Rob not only teaches Karys how to frost the cookies, he also gives her a quick lesson on how to eat frosting right from the can!
Gracie is focused on getting her cookie just right.
The girls are all smiles as they wait for the second round of cookies to come out of the oven.
I too tried my hand a cookie decorating.
Karys, Heather and Gracie show off all their hard work!
After all that baking and frosting, it was time for a story.
Addyson woke up shortly after the cookies had been frosted, she found her way to Papa Brent's shoulders!
...and then it was time for her to eat.

We had a great time decorating and eating cookies in Ankeny!

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