Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friday in Pella

Friday evening, we headed to Pella with Heather's folks to meet up with Chad, Shay, Nathan, Aaron and Grandma Great to celebrate Chad's birthday! We started off with dinner at Kaldera, a new restaurant in Pella. After dinner, we headed back to Chad and Shay's for some birthday cake and to hang out. Aaron and Heather seemed to start off the evening on the wrong foot.

Nathan was quick to lighten the mood, as he usually does. We played some football in the new basement!

While Chad, Doreen, Grandma Great and Brent checked out the new couch...nice and cozy.

Aaron quickly warmed up to Heather with a fun tickle fight!
Nathan joined in the fun.
We had a great time hanging out in the new basement and we are looking forward to many more evenings to come. Happy Birthday Chad!

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