Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leaves in Beaverdale

This past Sunday afternoon, with high temperatures in the 70's, our new housemate Don, Heather and I decided to tackle the leaves in our backyard. We had already raked the front yard twice, so it was time to turn our attention to the backyard. I have a large compost pile I constructed all the way in the back of the yard, so our goal was to get the leaves into that pile. A few months back, we cut down two dead tress in the backyard, so I used the cut pieces of trees to make the walls for my compost pile. It took about 3 hours, 2 rakes and 1 leaf blower but we managed to get all the leaves into a pile!
...and what a pile it was. Don was tossing more leaves in while I was standing in the pile pulling the leaves to the back and the leaves were up to my waist.
What does one do with a pile of leaves this big? Jump in, of course!
Don dove in and disappeared under the crunchy orange and red leaves, and then he reappeared laughing because he did not hit the ground!
My turn...I fell into the arms of fall
...and was swallowed up by the pool of leaves!
Don took another dive into the pile.
Then Heather "jumped" into the fun!
...and was quickly covered in leaves.
Not to be left out of a good time, I tossed Riley into the pile with Heather. She didn't find it as fun and quickly jumped out.
Heather and I sitting on all our hard work.

We put our rakes away, hopefully for the last time this fall!

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