Thursday, December 17, 2009

Office Christmas Decor

My office is great. I enjoy working there, we do a lot of work but we also have a lot of fun. I am actually on the Rating & Analysis Fun Committee and our job is to plan fun activities through the year. With the Christmas in full swing, we thought we could bring some cheer to the office with a row decorating competition. Each of the 5 rows had until Wednesday, December 16th to decorate anyway they wanted too. Then anyone can come by and vote on a post-it note for their favorite row, and then Monday at 2:00pm the votes will be tallied and a winner will be declared! As of Wednesday only 3 of the 5 rows had decorated, but I have a feeling there will be some late entries.
Mike and his row went for a snowflake theme.
Kyle shows off his hand crafted snowflakes.
Garrett models his wall of snow.
The real competition was another row down, they went with the theme of Santa's sleigh. At the front of their row, they had some reindeer...
...and the names of the "traditional" reindeer.
And then, each desk had a reindeer with a not so common reindeer name. Natalie's reindeer is Natster.
Cheryl's is Stasher
April's is Blitzenia
Rhonda's is Rhonder
...and Elizabeth's is Lizglow, her desk is the first one, so like Rudolph, Lizglow has a shinny nose.
And at the back of their row they had Santa's sleigh, complete with sleigh bells and presents!
My row went with the theme "O Christmas Tree", here is Todd standing next to his tree.
Stephanie hand crafted some trees and then wrapped her file cabinet like a giant present, we even put out candy in hopes of winning some votes!
I made this tree, it stands between Alissa and my desk. Behind us is a string of paper clips with silver bells.
Denise and her tree.
Zach and his tree
At the end of our row, we put up the song "O Christmas Tree" Alissa and Michelle show off all our trees!
At the front of our row, I installed a fireplace!
...complete with a wood mantel
...and a moving fire. The fire is made from tissue paper and I cut slots and installed a fan to make the fire dance!
Here is my row, sitting by the fire!
If you have time and want to stop by my office before the judging is over (Monday, Dec 21st at 2) feel free to come and vote for your favorite!


de*rek said...

dude... you crack me up.

JPhillips said...

I love it!! Seth, you are so creative - I'm impressed with the fireplace - especially the wood mantel and moving flames!