Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Party

This past Friday our small group had our annual progressive dinner/ugly Christmas sweater party! It was a ton of fun once again. We started at our house with a few appetizers and then headed west to Matt and Meredith's, then Josh and Kelly's new place in Adel and finished at Mike and Sarah's in Waukee. We forgot to snap pics at our house, but on our way to West Des Moines, we saw some great Christmas lights.
This house is on 62nd St, just north of Hickman...amazing!
Heather is sporting Christmas present earrings...very festive!
The whole group at Matt and Meredith's.
Each place that we stopped, we also played a game. At Josh and Kelly's they set up a racing bracket and we each picked a Hot Wheels car from a hat and raced them down the track!
I drew a 1971 purple Dodge Challenger...
...he took me all the way to the finals!
Only to lose in the championship race to Mike.
The fastest car and the slowest car each got a prize, the Petersen's took home both prizes!
We posed for a classic "senior picture" pose in front of the fireplace.
We finished the evening with the classic white elephant gift exchange.
Heather opened up a painting from Kelly's high school days...we have the perfect place for it.
The gifts were great and random!
We had a great time with our small group, good food and lots of laughs...Merry Christmas!

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