Thursday, February 25, 2010

Backlog: OC girls weekend visit

I am a little behind in posting, so I thought it was time to catch up! Back at the end of January, the girls from Orange City came down for a visit. Chad and Shay were staying in Ankeny, so the OC girls came and stayed at the "Comfort B&B". We went up to Ankeny for dinner Friday night so all the kiddo's could play. Imaginations were running wild as Nathan, Gracie, and Karys were driving their "motorcycles" around town!
They were having such a great time, Addyson wanted to join in on the fun.

All the energy of 3 little ones apparently wore out these guys.

After bath time, it was time to play some more!

Saturday night, Heather planned some craft time with the girls.

I even joined in on the fun!

We cut out pictures and made Valentines hearts and fun magnets for the refrigerator.

Sunday morning, Gracie and Addy are all set and ready for church.
Big smiles!
Heather and Gracie show off their newly crafted magnets...good job ladies!

We had a great time with the ladies from Orange City, it was so much fun to hang out and make crafts. Thanks Erin and your girls for making the drive and spending some time with us! We have more crafts ready for next time too!

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