Thursday, February 25, 2010


For Brent's birthday, we headed to the Checkerboard restaurant in Pleasantville. We meet Grandma Gloria and the Pella VL's to celebrate...oh and John Wayne was there too!The Checkerboard features good food and lots of things on the wall to see. They have more stuffed animals than the Bass Pro Shop (maybe not). Nathan wanted to check everything out and with each animal was the question..."Could it eat me?" Most answers were "No", but there was a black bear that was bigger than that little man...he wasn't so sure he wanted to touch the bear.
Nathan tried on the leather cuffs and was feeling like a real cowboy!
Meanwhile, Aaron was so hungry he started to eat the table!
After dinner, we went across the street to Smokey Row for some dessert. Heather and Shay smile nicely while Nathan downs his cookie!
We had a great time celebrating Brent and his birthday. There always seems to be plenty of laughs anytime Nathan is around. Happy Birthday Brent!

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