Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hanging out with Morgan

A few weeks ago, Heather and I went and hung out with Morgan for the evening. We had a great time with that little gal. We started off with playing and a few snacks...both were a big hit! Then Morgan had this funny serious look...
With Morgan's birthday only a few days away, we were quizzing her on how old she was going to be...and she got it right, 2!
After playing hard, it was dinner time...thumbs up for that!
More playing with Auntie Heather and then it was time to wind down...
...and read a few books before bed.
Morgan showing off her trick of balancing her book on her foot...
...with a little help from Auntie Heather, she got it to balance!
We had a great time hanging out with Morgan, she is full of giggles and energy! I guess that happens when you are 2.

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