Sunday, November 21, 2010

2010 Nygaard Pentathlon

This past Thursday, the SCRC (serious coin running club) descended upon the Valley High School track for the 16th Anniversary of the Nygaard Pentathlon. The format: 400m run, standing broad jump, shot put (12 lbs), bench press (One minute: 115 lbs), 1500m run. It was a prefect day for the pentathlon, overcast with temperatures in the 40's. We got to the track at noon and Ryan, the course official for the day set up the long jump.
Ryan, Eric and Scott are ready to roll.
After a quick warm up we got ready for the 1st event: 400m run. Last year, we had roughly 25 competitors...this year we had 7. I was reminded by Ryan that the very first year of competition saw 5 compete, so in a way we were getting back to the heart of the competition!

We did split the 400 up into 2 heats...
The starter explains that it will be a 2 command start, "Runner's set, and then the gun (clap)"

Eric brought home the gold in the 400m, coming in at 59 seconds!
After the 400m we reported our results to the official score keeper and prepared for the standing broad jump.
Ryan, taking upon multiple duties, served as the official score keeper as well, giving us up to the minute results!
Chris takes flight in the broad jump!
Paul nails his landing...
Ryan takes to the air
Here I am stretching out for every inch I can get.
Eric shows up proper long jump form
Joe leaps into the air
Scott stretches out for maximum distance
After the broad jump, it was on to the shot put. Joe tosses the 12 lb shot.
Paul launches the shot put into the air
Chris is next, following shot put form, he gives a loud grunt as he throw the shot!
Ryan tosses the weight into the air
Scott launches the shot put
Eric lets it fly
I take my turn throwing the weight
Then is it onto the bench press (big thanks to Aspen Athletic Club in West Glen for hosting us for the bench press portion of the competition!) Joe, wanting to get this out of the way goes first.
Chris is up next, proudly wearing his SCRC jersey!
and then it's Paul's turn.
Ryan, also wearing his SCRC colors, throws up the weight.
Scott focused on the task at hand throws up the 115 pounds
Lastly, Eric made us all look bad getting 62 reps in the minute time frame!
I didn't get any pictures of the 1500m run, we ran it in one heat, so there wasn't anyone around to take race photos.
After the completion of the pentathlon, we held an exhibition 4x100m dash. We didn't have enough people to fill 2 teams, lucky for us two guys showed up at the track wanting to get a workout in...Scott recruited them for the 4x100!
The second exchange zone!
...and the last hand off!
Ryan "pulled" something in his rear causing team 2 to fall behind, so Eric took the opportunity to celebrate his Nygaard Pentathlon victory (two years running)!
As the day draws to a close, we get a competitors photo...
Joe snapped another pic, so I could be in the photo!
Another year down and another successful running of the Nygaard Pentathlon! Big thanks to the SCRC for presenting the event, thanks to Aspen for hosting the bench press and to Valley track for hosting the other events. It was a day filled with the human drama of athletic competition, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
Official Results:
Name: 400m (sec) - Shot (inches) - Jump (inches) - Bench (reps) - 1500m (min. sec): Total Score
Eric Weiford: 59 - 472 - 114 - 62 - 5.10 : 908 points
Scott Patterson: 62 - 345 - 86 - 34 - 4.54 : 672
Chris Harms: 60 - 372 - 80 - 27 - 5.06 : 649
Seth Comfort: 61 - 352 - 94 - 16 - 4.59 : 637
Paul Kolsrud: 62 - 334 - 87 - 18 - 5.15 : 598
Jow Aulwes: 60 - 284 - 82 - 11 - 4.20 : 587
Ryan Elsbernd: 69 - 300 - 80.5 - 20 - 5.07 : 541

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