Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Craft - Trees and Raindeer

A few weeks ago, we got together with some friends for a Christmas Craft day! The gals wanted to make some trees, here is their inspiration photo that we found from The Thrifty Crafter

...and we gathered all the supplied we needed, foam cone, jute twine, hot glue and craft glue.
The guys were tasked with making reindeer out of sticks, our inspiration came from these metals sculptures from Pottery Barn.
The gals busy at work, wrapping the trees!
...and the guys successfully made a herd of reindeer!
All different shapes and sizes!
Hudson even decided to help with the crafts, making himself an ornament!
Here are the finished trees that Heather and I made, we used two different sizes of rope/twine and I think they turned out great!
We had a ton of fun crafting for the day and it really got us into the Christmas spirit!

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