Sunday, November 14, 2010

House Project - Paint

Here is a quick update on the house project. I got all the windows installed and all of the windows trimmed. One nice Saturday, I invited a crew of guys over for a house painting party! Here is the before picture, yellow house with green and red trim.

...and the after. Milk Chocolate brown with white trim and black shutters. Shutters? Well, I am still working on the shutters for the windows. When we replaced the windows, I found that the shutters were built into the house, so when the windows came out so did the shutters. Through the winter I am going to be building some new shutters!
The backside of the house. Big thanks to all the guys who came over and helped paint! We really appreciate all your help, we couldn't have gotten the house painted before winter without you!
During this whole process, we still had the leaves to deal with. Fall in our neighborhood is very pretty with all the colors, but it is also a lot of work when those pretty leaves fall to the ground. This pile may seem large, but this was only about half way through our process of cleaning up the yard! I love those trees!

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Margaret said...

I love the new color scheme!