Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Mantel

Heather and I have caught the early Christmas bug, so we have started decorating! Each year, we change how the mantel looks and this year is no different. Heather thought of the idea of using a big mirror. I have seen several different blogs explaining how to make the mercury glass look on regular glass, so I wanted to try that look. We headed over to the local Goodwill and found these two frames for only $15, what a deal!

For this project, all you really need is some water in a spray bottle and mirror or chrome spray paint. I had chrome spray paint, so that is what I used.

First, I took the glass out of the frame and cleaned it. The I sprayed water on it followed by two coats of my chrome spray paint. One coat didn't cover as well as I wanted, so I did apply two coats. I did spray the glass with water before each coat and allowed the paint to dry before the second coat.

I then painted the frame using Divine White. Two coats were needed and then I took some sandpaper to the frame to give it a "distressed" look.

Here is the "new" mirror/frame on the mantel.

Heather did a great job with the garland and the candles and we made two square wreaths and a circle wreath to hang.

I really like the way the mirror/frame turned out and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be!

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