Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book Review - UnChristian

The book club that I am in recently finished reading UnChristian by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons, and I learned a ton reading this book. Through research done by the Barna group these two guys look at the perceptions of Christians through the eyes of outsiders.
For me, I knew some of the impressions that people have of Christians exist but the percentages shown in the research were really eye opening! This book not only points out why these negative perceptions exist but also explore how to reverse them in a Christlike manner.
The book starts you off with a little of the back story of the two authors and how they got started on this journey to write the book. Then we jump right in with chapters discussing "Hypocritical", "Get Saved!", "Antihomosexual", "Sheltered", "Too Political" and "Judgemental". All of these chapters really drive home what the current cultures impression is of the church today and what we, as the church, need to start doing to make some changes. The book finishes with a look at what it would take to return us to be Christ. It is summed up that in order to shift our reputation, Christ followers must learn to respond to people the way Jesus did.
We also found a ton of other resources that partnered with the book, first was their website. and from there we found podcasts talking about these chapters, info about the authors and the projects that they are involved with.
All in all, this is a great book filled with research and results that will likely influence the church for years to come. I would highly recommend it!

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Rob said...

The Next Christians is a follow-up now to unChristian that just came out!