Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Review: EntreLeadership

I just finished reading EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey and I would say that the subtitle is very fitting for this book: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches.
Ramsey unpacks how he runs his business and gives very practical advice to leaders, owners and workers that can be applied to any business. He covers wide range of business topics such as being a team player, pursuing your dreams, setting goals, making decision, selling by serving, and delegation. He talks about his faith and shares the lessons that he has learned through bankruptcy.
I ended up taking about 12 pages of notes because he covers so much material. He also has a lot of extra material on their website! This is solid business knowledge that can be applied to any business. I would highly recommend this book if you own your own business or every want to start your own business. I would also recommend this book if you are a leader in your company or have direct reports. I wouldn't sit down and read this book just for fun, but it is a very useful tool for the business world!

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