Monday, October 10, 2011

Nursery - before and after

So we got our nursery finished just in time for baby to get here. We have had most of it done but we were waiting for the rug as the finishing touch. In case you don't want to see all the before and after pictures, here are two pictures of the finished product.
It has a "CityScape" theme with buildings and splashes of orange and blue.
This is what the nursery looked like before we started. It was painted yellow and was our guest bedroom.

We already had the chair rail up, so we left it, the closet got a make over with some storage and organization cubes.

We did an "exposed wall board" finish on one wall. I bought 1/4 inch hardwood and ripped it down to 4 inch boards.

...and then I started covering the wall, staggering the seams as I moved up the wall.

I worked all the way up the wall with the boards, then primed with white...

Worked all the way to the top...I primed everything and then gave it a coat of white.

Here is the wall once all the boards were installed.

We found a great deal on a crib at a garage sale! This is the bedding we got...City Scape.

We found these curtains at Ikea. We also got the floating shelves at Ikea too.

We also hung a longer shelf below the chair rail for books

We also got the dresser from Ikea and we are using that as the changing table. We hung a magnet board with some fun orange magnets!

We also picked up these orange containers that store shoes, blankets, socks, all sorts of good stuff, and they match well with the stripped rug!

...and the finished product.

...and we got it done just in time!


Jennifer Handsaker said...

So cute! The best nursery for a little boy I've ever seen! Are you for hire? I would like my whole house done please!

sophia smith said...

Its an awesome design and plan for nursery...I really like it..Thanks a lot for sharing...Keep it up...

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stayingalivemommy said...

That is such an adorable nursery!! Well worth the work you put in I would say. Congratulations on your new arrival!!

the Cavens said...

LOVE it! Now please post a pic of your adorable little boy in it! :) (and by the way...I'd love to know where you got that great rug)

Gmalone said...

I love the techniques with the wood. Very clever :)