Friday, October 7, 2011


If you want to bring a smile to Heather's face and happen to be going through Chicago, stop into one of the Garrett's Popcorn shops and pick her up a bag of their Chicago Mix...pick one up for yourself too because it is AMAZING!
Heather's mom flew through the Chicago airport yesterday on her way back to Des Moines, so Heather asked her before she left...and texted her that morning to pick up some Garrett's popcorn. The airport does have a Garrett's Popcorn kiosk!

The Chicago mix is a blend of their caramel corn and their cheesy corn

Everyone at our house loves this popcorn!...but Riley rarely gets a taste of Garrett's popcorn!

...and if you are running the Chicago Marathon this weekend, good luck and get some popcorn while you are in town!

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