Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 Months!

Trigg turned 2 months old last week...and it amazes me how fast he is growing. We snapped a few pics. Check out the sweet hat!
All smiles!

Chillin' with his hat and tie

He loves to move and kick!

...and more smiles and giggles!

What a dude!

Trying on more hats!

All these pictures make for one tired baby!

What's better than a tired baby? A tired baby and a tired puppy!

After nap time, more kicking and moving and smiles...

...and giggles!

I can hardly believe that our little man is already 2 months old. We love this little guy to pieces and it is so fun being his parents!


Christa said...

Great pictures!! He makes me smile! :)

Dee said...

I love that little shirt with the tie... toooo adorable. Merry Christmas.