Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at the_comforts

Our church had Christmas services on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It fit in our schedule to go to the Thursday service, the Christmas Eve Eve Eve!
Trigg got dressed up in his dress shirt and cords!

Then we told him the dad was going to wear a matching shirt...he is still young enough to think that is awesome!
Trigg and I ready for church!

...looking pretty sweet!

After church, we changed into our Christmas jammies!

With Heather's parents in Ankeny and mine in Indianola, we are home for Christmas (which is nice!) So Christmas morning, we all headed downstairs in our Christmas jammies!

Trigg was excited to find his stocking!

...he reached his little paw in there to see what he could find...

Animal alphabet flashcards! Perfect!

I got some new shades! Riley is just as excited as I am!

We had a great Christmas, the Christmas Eve Eve Eve service was fantastic, being with family and friends on Christmas is wonderful and seeing Trigg smile when he wakes up in the morning (after sleeping 8+ hours) is the best present for new parents! Merry Christmas!

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