Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas!

The weekend of Thanksgiving in the Comfort household is reserved for getting the Christmas decorations out and starting to decorate and this year was no exception! With temperatures in the 50's on Friday, I was able to hang all the outside lights! We even found a strand of lights to wrap around our ladder!
This year, we did some Black Friday shopping at Lowe's and their Christmas tree's caught Heather's eye. So we returned on Sunday and found a winner!

Trigg helped us decorate the tree in the basement!

Trigg was also helping us put the lights on the tree...but he fell asleep! we got him in his snowman jammies and he and Riley played on the floor for a little while.

With the tree in the background, Trigg pointed out spots that needed more lights!

...but mainly he showeed off his sweet new jammies!

We finished putting up the tree and got a family picture!

...all this decorating makes for two tired boys!

...we are 95% finished with our decorations! More pics to come once we get finished!

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