Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dress for Success: Tip #3 - collars

Today's topic addressed the collar on your shirt. You may be thinking that in today's business casual world not too many people care about my may be right, but like a boy scout, always be prepared. When you buy a dress shirt you mainly have 2 options for the collar: buttons or no buttons.

The general rule of thumb is that a non-button shirt is considered to be more formal than it's counterpart, the button down collar. Both are considered appropriate for the work place. For me, if I am wearing a suit, I will make sure that I go with a more formal, non-button collar. If I am just going with a tie or a tie and sport coat/blazer, either option will work!

Another option is the white collar with different color shirt...wouldn't be my everyday selection, but a fun choice to rotate into your wardrobe.

Does all that make sense? Button down = less formal, no buttons = more formal. Next up on my dress for success tips...knots for your tie!

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