Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Tour

Our house is ready for we could just use a little snow! Here is a photographic tour of our home.
We added a strand of lights and a fun red berry wreath to our ladder!
Heather does a fantastic job of wrapping presents. I think they look great under the tree...

...and our tree! Again this year we used our red ornament garland that we put together last year...and lots of lights!

The red garland is made up of several different sizes and finishes of ornaments.

We used some twigs at the top and topped the tree with more ornaments.

Red berries are popping up all over our house...they are mixed in with the green grass on the front table! (You can see the ladder in the mirror)

The red stars hanging above the sink in the kitchen.

Our home made Advent calendar keeps count of the days till Christmas!

Down in the basement, we have our other tree with the ornaments that Heather and I had as we were growing up!

"Joy" on the bookshelf!

This year's mantle...with a new stocking for Trigg! (Riley's stocking got moved, sorry pup)

This year, we made a "Merry" banner to hang across the mirror.

...and the snow globes on display in the window!

My parents started the tradition of giving us a snow globe each our collection keeps growing! Here is this years snow globe...Santa!

...and there's the tour! We love decorating for the holiday's and it's hard to believe that Christmas is only 13 days away!


Christa said...

I like your merry hanging sign. Maybe I could commission one of those for next year?!

the Cavens said...

Your house looks beautiful and very festive! Merry Christmas!