Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas - Ankeny

On Monday, we met Heather's family at the Jester Park Equestrian Center to go on a Christmas sleigh ride in the snow! 
 The horses were hooked up to the sleighs with jingle bells on their harnesses!
 We all got snuggled in...
 ...and away we went!
 Camille, Shay, Aaron and Chad were with us in our sleigh
 and Grandma Great, Brent, Doreen and Nathan were in the other sleigh.
With the recent snow, it was a winter wonderland!
 After a 30 minute ride, we made it back, a little colder but with smiles!
 Our team and sleigh!
 Oh what fun it is to ride in a two horse open sleigh!
 Back at Grandma Doreen and Papa Brent's house, while the finishing touches were put on lunch, Trigg and Nathan snuggled into a chair to read a book!
 After lunch, it was time to open presents...Aaron Paul was excited to tear into his gifts!
 Camille and Trigg were more excited about the empty boxes!
 Trigg and I opening one of his presents...
 ...a new book!
 Nathan and Aaron both got headlamps...that came in clear plastic containers...Trigg was excited about the packaging!
 Aaron was excited about his headlight...the lights went off and his headlight went on...for the rest of the day!
 We got Nathan this reusable bottle that comes with a book "79 Pop Bottle Science Experiments"
 A little afternoon snack!
 The dudes!
 The kiddo's
 Merry Christmas!
 Grandma and Papa with the kiddo's...I think we even got a smile out of Papa Brent!
We had a great time celebrating Christmas in Ankeny!  The sleigh ride was really fun and the rest of the day was just as enjoyable with good food and family!  Merry Christmas!

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