Friday, December 21, 2012

Week in Review

Another week in the books! 
We had a great week, on Monday, Heather and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary!  I took the day off work, we went out for lunch and had a great day celebrating!  Here we are 7 years ago!
Christmas is right around the corner...and Trigg seems to be getting more interested in the Christmas tree in the many ornaments to see!  "Mom, did you see that one?"
"Check this one's a roller blade, chances are you will never wear a pair of these in your life"
Mom and Trigg were having such a great time checking out the tree...but someone was feeling a little left out...not me...
Oh, Riley...
Merry Christmas!
We got a big snow storm on Thursday.  Around 12 inches of snow, all of the area schools were closed and my office was even closed on Thursday.  I went out to scoop off the driveway and Trigg wanted to watch.  Only problem is when we open our front door, the storm door gets cold...problem solved, wear gloves!
Our little explorer is getting more adventurous...he figured out how to climb up on the fireplace!
So, I'm up what...
We tried to teach him to get back down "legs first"...he wanted to go head first!
With a little help from Mom, turns out this is a lot of fun!  Repeat the process 30 more times!
We are still trying to dig out from yesterday's snow...but we definitely will have a white Christmas!  Stay warm!

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