Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Letter - 2012

So my Mom and Dad asked me to write the Christmas letter this year...awesome!  It's been a great year for us, lots of fun adventures!

We started off 2012 celebrating Dad's birthday with a trip to Kansas City to visit the Boulevard Brewing Company.  I was pretty young then and don't remember a lot of the details, I did a lot of sleeping, but it seems like they had fun!

In February, Grandma Doreen and Papa Brent took the whole family to Florida!  I got to go on my first airplane ride!  It was awesome but made me sleepy, lots of people said I did such a great job on the plane, but all I did was sleep... In Florida, we went to Disney and Sea World!  It was so much fun.  In between my naps, I saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cinderella's Castle, Buzz Lightyear, some killer whales and all sorts of ocean fish!  You can check out all the pictures Mom and Dad took here: Disney and Sea World

In March, we had really nice weather and I was able to do lots of discovering from our deck.

April...I was baptized at Church, Dad and I wore matching ties for the baptism!  We also went to Pella to get fitted for Dutch costumes, with all the warm weather the tulips were in full bloom (a month too early).

Mom was really excited for May; we drove to Pella for Tulip Time.  We got all dressed up in Dutch costumes and walked in a parade, well Mom and Dad walked and pushed me in an old vintage stroller.  Speaking of pushing in a stroller, Dad ran and pushed me in the Klompen Classic 5k, it was so much fun...I laughed the whole time!  My cousin Nathan came over to our house for a slumber party and we went up to Ames to check out some cool Lego sculptures at the Reiman Gardens.

June was hot!!!  Lucky for us there is a splash park up the street, Mom and I went there a lot this summer.  June was also when my first teeth started coming through...and I got an ear infection.  That wasn't much fun, but I bounced back pretty quickly with the help of medicine!

In July Dad started working on the backyard project, putting in a 3-tiered retaining wall and a lower level patio with fire pit.  I told him it was a little too hot for me to help with a shovel, but I cheered him on from the shade of the deck.  With temps in the triple digits, we cooled off at the pool!

August was filled with adventures, we went to Indianola to visit Grandma and Grandpa and watched the hot air balloons.  We also went to the Zoo to celebrate Mom's birthday!  We went to Adventureland and rode some rides and it wouldn't be a complete summer without a trip to the Iowa State Fair!

September was filled with bike rides; Dad got a fun seat for his bike so I can ride with him.  Mom, Dad and I rode all over the neighborhood.  One of my favorite stops is Snookies Ice Cream shop, they have great twist cones!  We also bike on the High Trestle Trail across the big bridge, it was awesome!

October was a lot of fun, it was my birthday!  Mom and Dad threw me a fun "Gentlemen" themed party with bow tie and moustache decorations.  We had the party in the backyard, Dad had the backyard project finished, complete with a slide built into the hill.  It was such a fun birthday and I had my very first cupcake!  I also helped Mom and Dad rake leaves in the front yard, I got dirty and thought it was hilarious!  We also went to a pumpkin patch and found some pumpkins.  We had a lot of s'more parties around the fire pit in the backyard.  I'm a big fan of s'mores, mainly the graham crackers!

November was a pretty big month for me...I have been motoring around on all fours, but in November I took my first steps on my own!  I think Riley is getting nervous, because I soon will be able to catch her when she runs away from me...I just want to play!  November was also fun because we had lots of good food to eat while celebrating Thanksgiving with our family!

That brings us to December!  I love all the Christmas decorations that are up right now, the lights are so fun to see.  I point out to Mom and Dad the lights on the Christmas tree every morning!  I am really excited for Christmas!!

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cassidy adams said...

This is really cute! I am having a boy in April so I love finding mom's with little boys:) Makes me look forward to what is ahead...