Friday, December 28, 2012

Sleepover with Nathan

Our nephew Nathan has been asking to have another sleepover at our house for a little while now, so we thought this past weekend would be a great weekend for it!  With the Christmas holiday, I had extra days off from work, so it worked great! 
Sunday morning, Nathan and Heather made some Christmas cookies, while Trigg and I had some breakfast!
 Nathan rolling the peanut butter cookies in sugar.
 While the first batch of cookies were baking, we played a little.  Nathan colored in my Ninja Turtles coloring book...we got into a pretty good discussion regarding who is the "best" ninja turtle.
 First round of cookies finished...back to the kitchen for round 2!
 After lunch, Trigg went down for his nap and we headed to the backyard for some sledding!  We got about 10 inches of snow 2 days earlier, so the conditions were great.
 I tested out sledding down our backyard worked great, fast and fun!
 Nathan gave it a shot!
 Heather testing out the hill....
 ...made it all the way to the bottom...
 ...and then into the creek!
 Blazing a new path down the side hill, she makes it into the neighbors yard!
 Heather testing out the backyard fun!
 ...and a great landing!
 Nathan gives it another go!
 Riley even got to join us in the back yard!
 The sledding crew!
 That night, we headed to church for the Christmas Eve Eve service.  The dudes.
We had a great time with Nathan and I think he had fun with us too!  Although his highlights were probably playing Nintendo 64 on a small TV in the back room...but we all had fun!

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