Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slumber Party!

Friday night, Nathan came over to our house for a slumber party!  We started the party with some old school Nintendo 64!
 Nathan then taught us the "Tootie - ah - ta" dance from his pre-k graduation program!
 Saturday morning, we loaded up the car and headed to the Reiman Gardens in Ames to check out the lego exhibit!
 Heather and Trigg were excited to find the butterfly built from legos!
 Even this sign was built out of legos!
 The impressive hummingbird and flower sculpture!
 We kept exploring the gardens and found giant lily pads and a koi fish in the pond!
 Nathan mowed the grass with the lego mower!
 Full size lego man!
 ...and what's this!  The Worlds Largest Garden Gnome!
 Bison and a calf grazing on the hillside.
 With all the searching and exploring of the gardens, we took a break in the chairs to put up our feet!
 Back at the butterfly!  The gardens are awesome and the lego sculptures are worth checking out, we would highly recommend a trip to Ames to see it all!
 We got back in time to head up to the splash park on opening day of the pool!  With temps in the 90's, it was worth the walk up the street!  Trigg was super excited for his first visit to the pool!
 Nathan jumped right into the freezing cold water!
 Mr Turtle also enjoyed his time at the pool, although he didn't see much since his head was in Trigg's mouth!
 Nathan showed us his trick of sitting on the fountain!
 All in all we had a great time at the pool!
We had a great time with Nathan and can't wait for our next sleep over!  Nathan's goal is to have 3 sleepovers this summer, 1 down...2 to go!

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Pella VL's said...

So awesome! He was one tired dude when we got home thanks to an AWESOME aunt and uncle! Thanks Trigg for sharing them with Nathan. we look forward to having you over for a slumber party, too!