Monday, May 7, 2012

Tulip Time!

Heather grew up in Pella and for her Tulip Time is as exciting as Christmas!  We headed there for the Friday evening parade with our friends the Pines.  Didn't stay for the whole parade due to bedtimes, but had a lot of fun and got some good food!
 Saturday, we headed back to Pella...this time in full Dutch outfits!  Heather was on the Tulip court when she was a senior in high school and this is their 10 year anniversary, so all the gals were back together!
 Trigg was decked out in his outfit and fell asleep in the buggy on our way to line up for the afternoon parade!
 Here we are in our Dutch outfits!
 Trigg woke up once the parade started and he wanted to see everything!
 Trigg and I peeled off of the parade route and worked our way back to sit with our family and Heather was able to walk with her friends!
 Cute Dutch girls!
 Trigg was pretty warm in his full a quick change into his onsie and he was much better!  Enjoying the rest of the parade with Grandma Keri and Great-grandpa Lew!

We had a ton of fun at Tulip Time (as always), saw lots of friends, lots of family, plenty of great food...and Dutch costumes!

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