Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week in Review

Another fun spring week for us!  Heather celebrated her first Mother's Day as a mom, Trigg got Heather a new t-shirt and some of her favorite scones from Chef Terrie!
With low temps in the 50's we have had the house open but it has been a little cool some mornings...
 Good thing Trigg has some sweet puppy dog slippers, they keep his tootsies nice and warm!
 Trigg has been sporting his baseball cap when we go for walks!
 He loves watching the cars and trucks drive by our house.
 Heather got some flowers planted this week and they look great!
 Trigg helps her water them each day!
 We love sitting out on the back deck and watching nature.
 Octopus jammies!
 One of our favorite books to read is Tickle Monster...and the book has Tickle Monster gloves too!
 Tickle fight!
 We also tried green beans this week...
 ...not a favorite
 We tried drumming on the hand drums, that was a lot of fun!
 ...and even more flowers are in bloom in our backyard!  Our pink roses.
 ...and red roses
 ...and the first day lily flower popped open yesterday!
 We been swinging a lot in our swing and chillin outside!
All in all, it's been a great week.  We are trying new things and having lots of fun!

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