Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in Review

Here we are at the end of another week and what a great week it was!  Trigg is becoming more and more vocal, it is fun to hear to "chat"!
 Apparently we were doing laundry a little to late on night this week, we put on the clean fitted sheet and Riley quickly hopped into bed and snuggled into clean sheets, we figured she would jump down as we finished making the bed...the opposite happened, she let us make the bed around her and she slept...what a bum!
 She is the queen of her domain (the backyard) and she keeps a close watch on the happenings...
 We all were hanging out in the backyard this week because we put up a swing for Trigg...and he loves it!  Looking at these pictures, our backyard kind of looks like a jungle!
 More laughs and giggles!
 Our flowers are starting to bloom in the backyard, the purple alliums have popped and the white one are getting close...
 Our peonies are about ready to open!
 We added a new flavor to the line up this week...peas!
 Feeling a little crabby...nope, but my jammies are!
Trigg and I had our first 5k together this week, the Klompen Classic, it was a ton of fun!
I can hardly believe that it's May already!  What comes in May...Tulip Time, we are headed there tonight and walking in the parade tomorrow in our dutch outfits, so if you are in Pella, be sure to look for us!

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