Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week in Review

We had a full week with lots going on!  Trigg turned 7 months this week!
 One evening, we went for a stroll and Trigg sat up the whole a big boy!  Checking everything out as we walked!
 With the warmer temps this week, our peonies are in full bloom!
Last weekend, we were in Monroe for Grandma-Great's birthday.  Aaron, Nathan, Trigg and I were reading through the animal alphabet.
 We have also been enjoying our swing!
We tried a new food this week...butternut squash, it was a big hit!
This weekend, Book Club had another party to DJ!  We were bringing the beats all night for the Flynn Wright summer Christmas party!
We also celebrated Mother's Day this weekend with the best mom ever!  Happy Mother's day babe, we love you!
We had lots of fun this week...and a few tears as Trigg is cutting his first tooth! 

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