Thursday, June 14, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame...

Wednesday evening, we headed to Pella to watch Nathan play t-ball.  We picked up Grandma Doreen and Grandma Great and made it to see Nathan (number 1) up to bat!  The evening's game pinned Team Dairy Queen (red) against Team Digital Solutions (green) epic battle!
Nathan got on base!  Here he is on third base, I thought he was watching for the signal to try and steal home...but no one gives signals in t-ball.
Trigg and Mom are excited to be at the game...and what a night for baseball, perfect weather!
 The crowd goes wild as Team Dairy Queen scores another run!
 Aaron chanting "Hhheeeyyyy batter batter batter batter, swinggggg batter"
 Coach Chad on the pitching mound.  The coach throws 4 pitches to the batter and if there isn't a hit, then the batter gets to use the "T".
 Nathan back in the batters box, watches a high fast ball come in...
 Trigg enjoys his squash while the game is going on!
 Nathan slides into home base...even though the ball wasn't close, he takes every chance he can get to slide!
 Trigg watching the game closely.
 After a close match...we aren't sure who won...but it doesn't matter because no one keeps score and everyone had a good time!  Me and the Big Hitter!
We had a great time enjoying America's favorite past time!  Go baseball!

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