Friday, June 22, 2012

Week in Review

What a great week!  We had a lot of fun this week.  Last weekend, we headed down to Indianola on Saturday to celebrate Father's Day...Trigg was pretty excited!
Then on Sunday, we celebrate Father's Day at home!  Heather made this awesome banner and had tie-themed surprises for me throughout the day!
...Trigg and Heather also gave me an awesome Father's Day gift...a stamp for my books.  I had been looking for a stamp...but this one is awesome!  Well done babe, well done!
We had a great Father's Day meal to finish up the fun...with plenty of leftovers!
This week also featured fantastic weather, a little warm but it is now officially summer!  We got the hammock out to enjoy a few evenings!
Trigg likes to lay back on the deck and look at the trees!
Here is my DIY Potting Bench that I made from pallets...simple yet effective!
The wild man after his nap...crazy hair!
All smiles after bath time!
This was midway through a tickle match with Mom!
This weekend is dudes weekend as well as the Arts Festival downtown!  Lots happening at the start of the summer.

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