Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Update

This week has been a great week!  The weather has been warm and we have been enjoying the outdoors!
Trigg has been rocking the shorts and short sleeve t's and enjoying June!
Trigg helping mom with the mail!
Tuesday evening, we walked up the street to the Beaverdale Farmers Market, held even Tuesday!  An instant favorite, we found some cilantro, tomatoes, cucumber and snap peas!
The snap peas are great, gave them a quick shower and enjoy!
...and the tomatoes are so tasty, we had one that night on some good!  We will definitely be back next Tuesday for more!
Wednesday, we headed to Monroe to work in Grandma's yard.  I got out the mower and Heather and Grandma pulled some weeds!  Trigg hopped on the mower and grabbed the wheel!
We have been enjoying diner on the deck, last night Trigg and Mom laid back and were looking at the trees and the birds!'s fun to explore!
Well, that wraps up our week.  With temps expected to hit the 90's both Saturday and Sunday, I am sure you will find us at the splash park this weekend! 

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