Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend in the OC

This past weekend we headed up to Orange City to spend a weekend with the Vande Lune's.  They are preparing to move to Haiti, so we thought it would be fun to spend a weekend together before they move in the fall.  We got there Friday evening around supper time, played a little, put the kiddo's to bed and then played Ticket to Ride with Rob and Erin!
Saturday was nearly perfect weather!  We started off the day jumping on the trampoline!
 Heather and I were informed that each of the three girls have boyfriends...Issac, Brenden and Brett!  I asked if they have had "play dates"..."No, we don't go on dates"  "Then how do you know he is your boyfriend?"  "I just know" was the response I got...
 Addy strikes a pose!
 Trigg was all smiles to play with his cousin's!
 We got a group shot making our best silly faces!
 After lunch we had "science experiments"!
 First up, we added some vinegar into a bottle...filled a balloon with baking soda...slipped the balloon onto the top of the bottle...
 ...lift the balloon up, dumping the baking soda into the vinegar and watch it inflate!  We also did the Mento's in a 2-liter of soda...erupting soda!
 After our science experiments, the girls headed to the shade for pedicures done by Auntie Heather...complete with their favorite book/magazine and drinks!
 Freshly painted toes!
 The finished product!
 In the afternoon we hopped on bikes, wagons and trikes and played in the front yard!  Toby and Trigg loved riding around in the wagon.
 "Here, hold on to me if it gets too bumpy!"
 Rob put some training wheels on the little bike, and Addy jumped right on!
 The dudes in the wagon!
 Gracie riding on 2 wheels for the first time!  By the end of the night, she had it down!
 Rob hooked up the tag-a-long bike and took Karys and Addy for rides around the block, they both loved it!
We had a ton of fun on Saturday, lots of laughs!  After the kiddo's went to bed, we again played Ticket to Ride and I was able to redeem myself, tying Erin for the win on the first game...and then she beat us all by 100 points on the second game!

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