Friday, June 29, 2012

Week in Review

Another week is over...and so is June!  We had a great week, filled with ups and downs.
Trigg and I really like to wrestle...he usually ends up pinning me!
...pinned ya' again!
Mom and Trigg hanging out on the coach and looking cute!
Monday night we were rolling around on the floor having some tummy time...
Trigg ended up barrel rolling till he was somewhat under the coffee table.  "Dad, hand me a wrench, this leg is a little wobbly."
He seems to be on the verge on crawling.  Arms and legs are moving...but not all at the same time
...and he has rolling down!
Tuesday and Wednesday were hot!!!  Temps hit 102...which matched Trigg's temperature on Wednesday.
Poor little guy felt crumby...his temp spiked up Tuesday evening and was still high Wednesday even with children's IBProphine.  We called our family physician and talked with him, he was out of the office but he suggested heading to urgent care.  This was the low point of the week, talk about feeling helpless, our little guy as so mellow and felt terrible and there was nothing we could do to help him.  We headed into urgent care and found out Trigg has an ear infection...
Thanks to Amoxicillian, he was feeling back to his normal self within an hour!  We even managed to get in a little play time before bed!
Riley photobomb...
After a day on his antibiotics, our little man is bouncing back.  That makes us all smile!
This was the first experience with sickness for these new parents and I would say that I didn't like the feeling of helpless I felt.  This ear infection reiterated the fact that I can do all I can do to help Trigg, but in the end, I am not in control.  I realize that this probably won't be the last trip to urgent care with our little guy, so in the meantime I will keep praying!  I am very grateful for urgent care clinics and the work they do.  I am also guessing that it doesn't get any easier as they get older...
So this was a rollarcoaster of a week but we are doing much better as the week comes to a close.  We are looking forward to the weekend but don't have a lot of plans.  How was your week?

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