Thursday, July 4, 2013

Adventureland Adventure!

A few weeks ago, we met up with Heather's family for a day of thrills and spills at Adventureland!  Trigg was really excited to check out all the rides.  We got to the park when it opened at 10:00 am!
 Grandma Great was there and ready to ride the rides!
 The rest of the crew joined us and into the park we went.  First stop...the bathrooms.  The kiddo's waited patiently and smiled for a few pics!
 The Adventureland Tiger was strolling around by the front entrance...we weren't too sure what Trigg would think when he spotted that overgrown tiger...
 ...big hugs!  He thought that Tiger was the coolest thing in the park!
 We all made it into the park and snapped a big group picture!
 Our group split up, a few headed to the Gallion and others went to check out the train.  All aboard!
 Trigg loved the train and was pretty sure that it was Thomas the Train pulling us through the park!
 Trigg and I took a spin on the teacups...
 ...and then Trigg and Toby took the ladybugs for a spin.
 The green ladybug was so fun that they tried a red ladybug...just as fun!
 Next stop...the big rigs!
 Then Trigg, Gracie and Toby drove the big fire truck.
 Addy and Aaron Paul rolling on the motorcycles!
 More entertaining than watching the kids on the ride was watching the adults trying to get the kids to smile as they go by!
 We took a break for lunch and then back into the park to take a spin on the big Ferris Wheel!
 Nathan and Gracie are all smiles as we go around and around!
 Around and around!  We are all smiles as we finished up our day at the park!
We finished our day after the Ferris Wheel and headed home for nap time, the rest of the crew headed back into the park for more thrills and spills.  We had a great day and even 3 weeks later Trigg still talks about the Ferris Wheel and the train ride!

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