Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week in Review

Another week of the summer has gone by...August is right around the corner!
Last Monday was a "Dudes Night", Mom had her gals small group, so the dudes were on their own.  After bath time, we headed to the basement to read some books.  Trigg noticed his Green Lantern mask (from Aaron Paul's birthday party) on the table and asked if he could wear it...absolutely, you can!  
 He wore the mask through all three books and our prayers...then I reminded him that even super hero's need to go to bed, so the mask came off and it was bedtime!
 It wouldn't be summer in Iowa without corn on the cob!  Trigg had his first taste of sweet corn...
 ...He loves it!
 Saturday morning we headed back up to The Berry Patch...
 This time to pick blueberries!
 There are a ton of these little blue treats ready to be picked!
 With bucket in hand, we are ready to go!
 Trigg spots a few berries here and there...
 ...but he quickly figured out the best place to find good blueberries was in Mom and Dad's bucket!
 After we were finished picking blueberries, we stopped at the swing set to let our little cowboy ride the tire horse!
 Giddy up partner!
We had a ton of fun picking blueberries!  We made our own blueberry jam and blueberry muffins!


Elisa Clark said...

YAY! Love the new heading picture! :)

Grandma Keri said...

Great pics and fun stuff with the little guy!