Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Berry Patch

Last weekend, we took a short 20 minute drive north to The Berry Patch to pick our own strawberries.  The strawberries were ripe and ready to be picked!  Trigg loved finding the bright red surprises under the green leaves of the strawberry plants.
 He like eating the strawberries even more than finding them!
 Heather grabbed a carton and started filling it up too!
 Trigg was our "quality control" and tasted, what seemed like, every 7th strawberry to make sure they were up to his standards!
 ...oh so good!  Trigg had the evidence all over his face!
 We took a long stroll to the raspberry patch, but they aren't ready to be picked yet.
 We had a ton of fun at The Berry Patch, we picked strawberries and for snap peas!
We are already planning our return trip in late July to pick blueberries!

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