Thursday, July 4, 2013

Month in Review

We are in full swing of summer and having lots of fun!  We are still searching for our new house and making the most out of our time living in the basement in Ankeny!  Trigg found a cowboy hat and was running around the house as a cowboy should!
Trigg also found a chair in the basement that is just his size...complete with a foot stool!
 Trigg has been using more utilizes and enjoys his folk and gets a little messy in the mornings eating oatmeal.
 Trigg also got a new lawn mower and he loves it!  He pushes it around the yard as I push the big mower around.
 Hanging out with "Big Bear" down in the basement...
 ...oh "Big Bear", Trigg loves to wrestle Big Bear!
 The dudes taking care of the yard!
 The dudes and the mowers
The summer is rolling along and we are enjoying the summer days!  We've been to the pool several times and go for nightly bike rides!

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