Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kitchen Update

The kitchen project is making progress, little by little it is coming together. This past weekend we pulled out all the old metal cabinets and got all the new base cabinets in. Big thanks to my father-in-law Brent and my friend Derek for their help. Lots of more people volunteered to help, but 3 people in our kitchen was about at max capacity!
Saturday evening, I was able to hang some of the wall cabinets. I still need to finish painting the walls and ceiling, but it is a work in progress.
Close up of the sweet wall paper we found behind the old counter top. Kind of crazy, but it actually works well with our new wall color...but we will not be keeping it.
Each day I get a little more done. Heather is ready to have a kitchen sink again, so hopefully that will be soon!


Derek said...

hey guys... it's looking great!

The_Petersens said...

Looking great guys!! I vote for leaving the sweet wallpaper! j/k!