Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Siskow turns 30!

This past Saturday, Heather's good friend and co-worker Dawn turned 30. The girls in the office decided to throw Dawn a surprise party with all of her favorite things. Aaron convinced her that they should go out to their favorite restaurant, Felix & Oscars...little did Dawn know that we were all there waiting to surprise her!
I just love surprises so much, I could hardly contain myself!Evan was more excited about the balloons than his mom's birthday.
Isaiah and Derek were super excited to celebrate Dawn's birthday with some deep dish pizza!
Jon, Kim and Joni are all smiles as the evening of fun gets underway.
After pizza, the girls took Dawn for a night on the town while the guys took the kids home to bed. Next stop...massages, and where better to get a massage than at the Jordan Creek Town Center.
After the mall, the ladies headed downtown to People's on Court Ave to catch some live music.
Joni and Kim are still smiling!
The surprise was a big success and I think Dawn enjoyed her party. Happy Birthday Dawn!

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