Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Music Wednesday

This week's music selection was suggested by my friend Derek, it is Aaron Strumpel.

From Aaron
"Aaron Strumpel grew up in a hundred year old house surrounded by corn in the state of Iowa. It had creaky wooden floors underneath the ratty carpet which covered the fifty year old linoleum that was just about impossible to scrape off. It's walls were made of plaster and lattice and he found old treasures in them as a boy while ripping them down for new drywall.

Strumpel has immersed himself in a new, imaginative project called "Elephants." While he's done the jazz thing, the classical, the folk, the worship, the acoustic, but this new material does something different...Todd Fadel of Agents of Future calls it an "acoustica-electronica-operatic-spokes-troubadour-for-the-mangled-masses that digs deep with a collection of newly-dusted relational relics of primal pomp.” Indeed, the new material is dense, captivating, and in need of verbose explanations. It’s a tremendously bold about-face from his stripped-down earlier works, but the pieces maintain a solid foundation that has allowed Strumpel to let his imaginative legs have room to stretch."

From what I have heard so far, I really like it. Derek, I will admit, even though he went to Wartburg, he is pretty good!

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