Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Sunday evening our small group headed to the great outdoors. Josh and Kelly have some land in the middle of no where, they plan on building their dream home there some day. Currently, it is land for Josh to play with his lawn mower and a good place for a bonfire! All the ladies are having fun...

...and the guys are too!
It was a great spring evening, perfect weather for grilling some hot dogs and brats!
Hudson really likes playing outside, especially when his parents are the swing set.As the sun started going down, we lit the bonfire.
Heather and I chillin' in the hammock...
...enjoying the fire.
We had a lot of fun with our small group (we always do). We had plenty of laughs and plenty of fire wood. I forgot to mention, the one thing it doesn't have...a bathroom. Thankfully there are plenty of trees!

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