Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tulip Time!

Heather and I took Thursday afternoon off of work and headed to Pella to check out Tulip Time. We met up with Shay and Nathan and spent the afternoon checking out the tulips. We got there in time to watch the parade. After the parade was over, we walked around the square and found some pretty flowers. Nathan wanted a close up look of the tulips!
Heather and Nathan pose in front of the flowers
Nathan and Shay are all smiles.
Shay and Heather are having fun enjoying the great weather.
I get my picture taken with my favorite Dutch girl!
...and Nathan wanted to be in the picture too!
After the photo shoot, we went to get some food. On the way, I stopped to take a picture of these monster tulips.
No festival is complete without tractors and Nathan can always find them, even if they are not John Deere green.
We stopped and picked up Nathan's fishing pole and headed to the pond to see if there were any fish to be found.
Nathan shows off his casting skills...
Heather and Nathan walk around the pond in search of fish.
We didn't find any fish...but we found a turtle!
Of course, Nathan wanted to touch it.
I held on to him to make sure he didn't end up in the pond with the turtle.
Nathan was so excited, he couldn't get enough of the turtle.
One last picture in front of the tulips to close out our 2009 Tulip Time experience!

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Lorraine-bo said...

You tell great "stories" with your pictures :)

Really like the new pic of you & Heather!