Monday, May 18, 2009

Kitchen Update

The kitchen is getting closer to being finished, but we had a few things to return to IKEA. One of the cabinets didn't come with any hardware, one of our doors had a chip on the front and we needed to return two cabinets. Why return two cabinets you ask? Well, I miss measured on two cabinets, so they didn't fit. We ordered the correct ones on the internet and had them shipped to us, but we still had the leftovers. So, on Saturday, Heather and I loaded up the Mariner and headed north. I am a morning person, so we were on the road by 6:30 and to IKEA by 10:30. We didn't have any problems with the returns and exchanges and we were all set by 11:15, plenty of time to walk through the store...and we found some more fun things to bring home with us! As we were leaving we ran into our friends John & Haverlee, which keeps our streak alive of seeing someone we know every time we go to IKEA.
We got back home around 5:30 and I was excited to finish up the cabinets. I got all the parts installed, the toe kicks put on the bottom of the cabinets and the end pieces on the end.All we have left to do is finish painting the walls green...
...and finish the tile floor and figure out a back splash for the counter top.
We did put up two these two shelves above the stove for some extra storage.

I should be able to get the floor and paint finished this week!

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Derek said...

I really like the shelves above the stove. It finished that off space off nicely.

btw, the mirror looks dope!