Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baptisms and Birthday Parties

In early September my mom, grandma, and myself took a day trip up to Orange City to celebrate Addyson's baptism and Kary's 3rd birthday. Rob and Erin live just a block from church so me and kiddos took off ahead of the adults, it was so much fun walking with the three of them and hearing their funny conversations between each other.
Naturally Kary's wanted a princess party so everyone got pink party hats...even Nathan.
Uncle Chad....
The Princess herself..she looked smashing with high heels and all.

..a touch a fairy dust for her guests
This year we got Kary's a camera and beanie for her birthday although she did request a new night gown..who knew 3 year olds called pj's - night gowns.
Sweet little Addy was such a champ - not even a peep when the pastor poured water on her head or when the paparazzi showed up for pictures afterwards

The day trip was fast and furious but spending time with those sweet kiddos is time well spent.

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